Black & Decker Power Tool Company

Black & Decker Power Tool Company

Launched in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker the first tools developed included devices that made milk bottle caps as well as dipped candy. Their emblem shows a hexagonal nut, which symbolized the machine tool trade. Black & Decker produced a portable tool, an electric drill, which had a trigger switch along with a pistol handle. Their first plant was built in Towson, Baltimore, in 1919 and their annual revenue exceeded $1 million.

Black & Decker, a forward thinking organization, used mass media since 1921, to promote their devices. Suppliers of their goods across the nation received training from a mobile schoolroom. The buses traveled from town to community training distributors and plant owners how to use the newest top quality equipment. They actually got a Black and Decker Power Toolsairplane of which they put in place as a showroom; they used it to demonstrate the most recent tools for reconditioning aircraft engines. While Black & Decker became a far more popular power device, the business broadened into other nations and accumulated other businesses. These acquisitions made it conceivable for them to boost their increasing product inventory.

Taking advantage of the house ware market, in 1929 Black & Decker offered a Cinderella clothes washer. With their consumer base escalating, they continued to develop companies in countries like Australia and Britain. For the duration of the war, Black & Decker helped the war effort by making weapon shells, fuses, along with other ordinance; at the same time, they remained consistent with their manufacturing and profitability of power tools. The company’s efforts throughout the conflict garnered them 4 Army-Navy “E” awards, a very esteemed honor.

Black & Decker believes in community and they inspire their employees to donate their time and money to charities including Habitat for Humanity, Living Classroom Foundation, and also American Cancer Society to mention a few. Alonzo G. Decker, Jr., who was given five honorary degrees and numerous local community honors regarding his philanthropy, spurred Black & Decker to reward an annual Community Service Award to the employees who donated as well as worked to improve various charitable organizations. The company thinks that areas with wholesome businesses and households will benefit all interested. They take pride in supporting their dedicated labor force. Innovative good quality merchandise along with generation after generation of innovative thoughtful employees makes Black & Decker successful in additional areas than merely economic.

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