Skil 9215-02 Reciprocating Saw Review

Skil 9215-02 Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Reciprocating saw reviews the Skil 9215-02 as a good saw for the beginner handy man that will be using this saw for relatively small jobs around the house.

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Reciprocating saw reviews ratings, price and overall scoring versus its peers (maximum score of 30).

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Skil 9215-02 Skil
19 D C C B C $ Reciprocating Saw Details

Reciprocating saw reviews what owners love about the Skil 9215-02 Reciprocating Saw

• Price
• Convenience for Small do-it-yourself-jobs


Reciprocating saw reviews what owners of the Skil 9215-02 were concerned about…

• Strength
• Lack of Modern Features


Skil 9215-02 Reciprocating Saw Features

• Tool less blade change, professional feature that allows for quick blade change
• On tool LED power indicator
• LED on handle lights up when tool has power giving you instant knowledge that you are plugged in and ready to cut
• 8.5 amp and variable speed dial, more power and control of cuts
• Adjustable shoe, allows for better blade control and longer life
• 800-2700 strokes per minute
• 1-1/8″ stroke length
• 18cm cutting capacity
• 8′ cord
• 120 volt

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