Craftsman Power Tools

Craftsman Power Tools

In 1927, Sears bought the rights from a corporation named Marion-Craftsman Tool Company, which gave them the legal right to register the name and start a line of Craftsmen tools. Sears realized that farmers would rather build what they required, rather than hire out; this includes physical objects including their own residences, pieces of furniture, and barns. At first, key toolmakers obtained the contract projects for producing Craftsman tools for farm buyers; later Craftsman began making tools for car owners. Catering to this completely new group made it much easier for folks to work on their very own vehicles, which proved rather profitable, particularly in the course of the automobile boom.

Their initial merchandise included axes, files, hammers, as well as handsaws, then Craftsman delivered its ratchet wrench in 1966. This product, which has an effortless push button release, commenced a long history of high strength, long-lasting tools and easy to use instruments. Grips that could withstand 40% more torque also added to the qualityCraftsmen Power Tools and desirability of the Craftsman goods. As a household brand, Craftsman currently sells more hammers than most corporations and over 80% of their tools carry the manufactured in America stamp.

Dividing their instruments into tier categories, Craftsman offered lines that included professional level equipment and descended to equipment for do-it-yourself jobs. They marked the various tools with imprints or other types of markings to differentiate the grade of the tools. The majority of the Craftsman tools have a life-time manufacturer’s warranty, although some exclusions exist. High quality tools and several years of quality merchandise earned Craftsman a brand most people recognize.

Sears continues to have Craftsman tools made by other firms, allowing them to broaden their product range and prices. If a person looked at the tools on work benches in most garages, you will more than likely notice the Craftsman name.

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