DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt Power Tools

Pursuing his father’s lead, Raymond E. DeWalt worked jobs at construction sites and mills when he exited the classroom. His main interest when working included the high cost of labor. Given that cutting these expenses meant a great deal to him, he would rig machines to suit the specific demands of the job. Throughout his time as the head of a reputable wood working mill, this individual found himself in the position of delivering more production out of his men, with no raise in pay for these individuals. To help, he designed a technique to attach a yoke he designed to a saw and motor, that he placed on an arm. His imaginative devise made it possible for the equipment to do the work of four men, of which cut labor costs.

Dewalt Power ToolsThis kind of innovative flair led to the formation of DeWalt Products Company in 1924. The merchandise they offered at the time, known as the DeWalt “Wonder-Worker,” ended up being an electric universal wood working device. In the early 1940’s the company grew rapidly as a result of governments requirement for war time equipment. All through the 50’s and 60’s new items appeared, seeing that they multiplied the capacity of the factory including building a storeroom, additionally they expanded into Canada. DeWalt continues to add tools to their remarkable stock. Merchandise consisting of cordless drills to reciprocating saws, DeWalt tools are guaranteed tough.

A fortune 500 Company, DeWalt takes great care of their personnel by providing full benefits, a 401(k), a competitive income and they support promotions from within their system. Like numerous other successful organizations, DeWalt believes that employing excellent people and encouraging them to cultivate their skills and then rewarding them creates a work atmosphere favorable to manufacturing the best high performance power tools possible. Call DeWalt’s customer service center if you have inquiries about their power tools.

DeWalt recognizes its dedication to their consumers by listening to their issues and needs and then developing tools of the highest quality. Fortune Magazine rated DeWalt among their Most Admired Companies, which undoubtedly stems from DeWalt’s commitment to their consumers and employees as well as their determination to manufacturing innovative products. Once you examine DeWalt’s history, you cannot help but recognize that when R.E. DeWalt said, “You buy a machine and what you really get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction,” he meant what he said.

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