Hitachi CR13V Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Hitachi CR13V Reciprocating Saw Reviews

The Hitachi CR13V reciprocating saw is ideal for those small do-it-yourself projects around the house. For professionals, the Hitachi might not be durable enough for those tough constructions jobs. With that being said, the Hitachi CR13V holds up well and received great reviews from those who use this saw on a weekly or monthly basis.

Our reciprocating saw reviews scored this saw above average with its lower weight, speed and stroke length.

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Reciprocating saw reviews ratings, price and overall scoring versus its peers (maximum score of 30).

Reciprocating Saw Models and Brands Score Reciprocating Saw Power Reciprocating Saw Weight Reciprocating Saw Speed Reciprocating Saw Stroke Length Reciprocating Saw Features
Hitachi CR13V Hitachi
21 D B B B C $$ Reciprocating Saw Details

Reciprocating saw reviews what owners love about the Hitachi CR13V reciprocating saw

• Low Vibration
• Grip and Balance


Reciprocating saw reviews what owners of the Hitachi CR13V were concerned about…

• Weight
• Speed Control


Hitachi CR13V reciprocating saw Features

• 10 Amp motor, intense power with electronic feedback power control for tough cutting jobs
• Stroke length of 1-1/8 inches for efficient cutting performance
• Blade changing system, quick and easy requiring no tools and only one hand
• Reversible blade, mountable up or down, for varied cutting methods
• D-shaped handle, maximizes user comfort and control
• Trigger, oversized to improve manageability
• 7.3 lbs, lightweight design facilitates maneuverability and ease of use
• Adjustable pivot foot, allows blade to pivot down to access hard to reach areas
• Dust and water resistant, triple sealed construction protects and increases tool life and performance


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