Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi Koki commenced developing electric power tools in 1948, and after years of exporting to the United States, in 1980, they founded Hitachi Power Tools USA. The company’s motor design, metallurgy, and technology advancements typically occur well ahead of the competition, leading them to be a pacesetter in the power tool market. In 1994, the organization in the United States transformed their name to Hitachi Koki U.S.A. to acknowledge that they are now additionally manufactured in the United States.

Hitachi Power ToolsThe workmanship and success of their sliding compound miter saws as well as pneumatic framing nailer has contributed to Hitachi’s reputation of creating quality products, and their continued dedication to exploration and advancement made them leaders in the field of power tools. Creating more than 1000 styles of power tools, Hitachi creates a number of the lightest, fastest, and most long lasting tools in existence.

The innovative engineering and durability of the Hitachi Power Tools points out why their products continue being so well-known. Hitachi believes in making the absolute best tool for their customers, and they strive to improve each piece using expertise in metallurgical science, plastic materials, as well as steel casting technology.

Hitachi recently bought Tanaka Power Equipment, which indicates they can now deliver a commercial grade outdoor product line to utility professionals, property or home managers, landscapers, and building professionals. This acquisition enables Hitachi to deliver tools such as reciprocating saws, chainsaws, blowers, lawn clippers, edgers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers to a whole new category of customers.

Having launched such products as the Cord-less Impact Driver, Cordless Screw Driver, and also the Metal Stud Cutter make Hitachi among the list of leading power tool companies on the planet. They declare that as they move ahead into the future they will certainly not stop creating innovative technology and strengthening their power tools.
The company’s environmentally sound management and standards for quality assurance has garnered them acknowledgement from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO sets company principles worldwide for activities such as ecological friendliness, reliability, efficiency, quality, safe practices, interchangeability, as well as economical pricing.

Using the expertise that Hitachi Koki possesses in precision processing, high-speed motor technology, along with electronic control Hitachi tools will continue to be among the best tools in the marketplace.

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