Milwaukee Electric Tool

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Together with the conclusion of World War I in 1918, a general change in power tools took place. A. H. Petersen, urged by Henry Ford, created a smaller and lighter portable ¼” power drill known as the “Hole-Shooter,” that could do the same work that the larger and weightier drills did. Petersen, who had made dies and tools for the Ford Motor Co., joined with A. F. Siebert, and jointly they formed the A.H. Petersen Company in 1922. One year later the company had to close its doors due to the economic downturn Milwaukee Power Toolsand a plant fire, but in 1924, Siebert purchased the organization at an auction and commenced a business referred to as Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

Originally, the primary element of the enterprise consisted of repairing tools, but as time went by the technicians improved upon the Hole-Shooter and quickly received accolades from the metalworking and automotive industries. As orders increased, the ball started rolling and Milwaukee began manufacturing various kinds of tools. Today, Milwaukee employs more than 1,000 people globally. They possess a product line well over 500 tools and 3,500 components.

Milwaukee employs cutting edge technologies to ensure the quality of their products is up to standard, and they concentrate on the goal of providing the best revolutionary heavy-duty power tools available for their clientele. They take their commitment to their end users seriously. They offer a whole collection of saws and you can now locate their tool vendors everywhere you go. Milwaukee also demonstrates their devotion by supplying a 5-year warranty against product problems and repair if necessary through authorized service branches.

At Milwaukee, they feel that recruiting extraordinary individuals leads to remarkable goods. They believe in embracing diversity and spotting the skills and talents of their employees. Providing methods for each individual to cultivate their skills and learn new ones, they provide a leadership progression program made to assist the employees achieve their aspirations. Milwaukee is convinced that the team members contribute as much towards the achievement of the company as the tools.

Even though the Milwaukee Electric Tool has become a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd., they continue to take their dedication to their workforce as earnestly as their commitment to their customers. The brand Milwaukee carries with it the promise to supply the most robust, dependable, and highest quality professional tool in the marketplace to their experienced users globally.

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