Porter-Cable PC18RS Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Porter-Cable PC18RS Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The Porter-Cable PC18RS Reciprocating Saw is a strong, portable tool that permits you to perform in small spots with out compromising effectiveness as well as exactness. The saw’s patented method allows for quick edge removing, providing you with additional time to get your tasks performed plus as opposed to stressing about the gear.

The PC18RS comes with a variable-speed trigger which gives a cut velocity as high as 3,000 strokes per minute (SPM) to get quick, ambitious cuts having a wide assortment of products. As for the modest size, the reciprocating saw may be maneuvered in restricted places for increased usefulness as compared with bigger, unwieldy saws. The Porter-Cable PC18RS saw also includes a pivoting shoe that gives extra control in intricate cuts.

A patented tool free blade changing system makes it possible for an individual to easily take off and replace cutting blades. Avoid fumbling with blades and looking for tiny bits as well as keys–simply change and proceed. The Porter-Cable PC18RS posseses an large rubber boot as well as grip intended for safety and comfort.

Because of the cord-less design and style, it is possible to operate on the job site safely and proficiently. And as component of the Porter-Cable Tradesman cordless line of tools, the PC18RS reciprocating saw makes use of an 18-volt power supply which you can use interchangeably between other equipment in the line. You can pick from either a nickel-cadmium or Lithium-Ion battery pack. Both types of batteries, and their particular chargers, are sold separately.

Porter-Cable PC18RS Specifications

• Voltage: 18 V
• Stroke Length: 7/8 ”
• Strokes/Min: 3,000 spm

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