Porter-Cable Power Tool Company

Porter-Cable Power Tool Company

The American Dream became real with regard to these three men, F. E. Cable, R. E. Porter, and G. G. Porter, as soon as they launched their business in 1906, Porter-Cable. Producing unconventional tools such as tire air pumps for cars, illuminating fuel lighters, machinery used for type forming, not to mention a pencil sharpener. Porter-Cable commenced by making jobs that typically were difficult work easier for the user.

Within eight years, Porter-Cable started focusing on making power tools. Their innovative manufacturing lathes had taken the spot of more expensive long-bed lathes. Within the next six years, they grew their business by obtaining another site and a number of other tool businesses. While the Great Depression did affect the company, it was able to Porter-Cable Power Toolskeep going and in the early 1920’s they employed a key engineer named Art Emmons, whose inventions would alter how individuals in the woodworking and construction discipline worked. Tradesmen, carpenters, and boat contractors discovered that by using Porter-Cable power tools they are able to reduce their job time lines from a month to a few days.

Porter-Cable, ahead of its time in many ways, developed an employee-based culture by financing pool tables, bowling alleys, and launched a profit-sharing plan. They believe that the laborers help to make the company successful. It is because of the employee’s dedication, devotion, and satisfaction in their hard work that Porter-Cable can ensure their goods will meet the customer’s high expectations.

The Smithsonian Institution noted Porter-Cable’s 90 years of creativity in 1996. The institute formed the museum’s first collection of artifacts from a power tool enterprise. The uncommon items included a router bit, bowling trophy, as well as classic photographs among other things. An additional accolade for Porter-Cable came when the journal Industry Week branded them on the list of “Top 10 Manufacturing Plants in the United States.” The employee who had been employed for Porter-Cable the longest time received the honor on the company’s behalf.

After many years and several various businesses acquiring Porter-Cable, it is now owned and operated by Black & Decker, who all ready had a top spot within the tool grouping. Porter-Cable, which is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certified manufacturer, continues to supply superior products.

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