Ridgid Power Tool Company

Ridgid Power Tool Company

The RIDGID Tool Corporation, established in 1923, constructed a pipe wrench that was both high quality as well as rugged, which placed them on the map of power tool providers. The fact that their objectives have surpassed their consumers expectations states a lot regarding their determination to manufacturing items that will withstand Ridgid Power Toolsthe test of time. The RIDGID organization believes that products have to perform well in the tough conditions of each and every work site, and so they must make the project easier as well as efficient. If their tools make this possible, then they have succeeded, which results in more profits.

RIDGID has a division whose concentration centers solely on creating and engineering power tools. Progressively, they have introduced products such as drills, saws, air tools, and they have an extensive line of cord-less tools. Offering high standards of stability, durability as well as quality, RIDGID power tools will enhance virtually any job you work on and assist you to accomplish it on time. For example, the dual voltage cordless tools that perform on 18v or 24v batteries, which are interchangeable, however this does not lessen their performance. Customers can buy cord-less tools which include reciprocating saws, circular saws, impact drivers, jig saws, and adhesive/caulk guns that provide similar quality to the cord connected versions.

The client support people have been crossed trained along with the numerous tools to help guide you in picking which tool you need for a particular job. The respectful, friendly, and well-informed RIDGID employees make sure you understand how to utilize each tool and give you the type of support you will need to make your task a hit. RIDGID knows the importance of customer satisfaction and that it is important to remain a leading power tool corporation.

Providing customers respect by paying attention to what they think about the tools is part of RIDGID’s philosophy. Advancement and tool enhancements has occurred many times in response to what a consumer has suggested or recommended. Consumer expectations are top consideration at the RIDGID Tool Company.


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